The Story |

Chikombola Primary School serves some of the most vulnerable children on the planet. Until recently,  most were too hungry to go to school.  Those that did attend walked long distances, often barefoot, and had not eaten before their trek.  Feed Hope’s partnership with visionary people like you, empowered the start of a school meal program that is changing everything.

Education unlocks the future for children in Malawi, Africa.

But many children don’t go to school for one reason: They’re too hungry.

You can help us change that.

The Problem

Education unlocks the future, but hungry children don’t go to school, and can’t learn as well if they do.

In Malawi, 1 in 3 children suffers from growth-stunting malnutrition that affects their ability to learn, and weakens their immune system. Malnutrition is a factor in nearly every child death in Malawi.  Daily school meals encourage children to go to school, learn more while they’re there, and have the chance to change their future.

The Solution

Bringing school meals to Chikombola changes everything.  Within a few weeks of feeding the students, more than 250 children returned to school. Our goal is to return every single one of Chikombola’s 500 students to school, healthy and happy.

And we need your help.

Each $7 gift= Daily school meals for 1 child for an entire school year.


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