Emma’s House

Village Malaria Clinic

Phase 1 Update | October 2018

Construction is complete, and Phase 1 is fully-implemented.  Emma’s House is already saving lives!

Children | Medical Treatment
Construction Complete
Medication + Staff | One Year

Phase 1 Complete:

  • Construction is 100% complete.
  • Since July 2018, Over 400 children have already been treated for malaria and malnutrition-related illness, through out temporary clinic in Kaphatenga. An average of 120 children per month. We’re serving twice as many children as originally projected.
  • Emma’s House is 33% larger than originally planned, thanks to the contribution of many village volunteers who donated labor.

Phase 2 | Oct 2018 – Oct 2019

Help us provide medication + staff for the most vulnerable children for one year . 

Children under age 5 projected to be served in 2019 : 4,680 

[15/day x 312 days]

$10 = Life-saving malaria treatment for one child

100% Promise

100% of public donations go directly to projects on the ground.

Administrative expenses are covered by generous sponsors and private donors. Our U.S. staff serve as volunteers, and travel at their own expense.